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Please find below, reviews provided by our previous clients commenting on our services. You are also welcome to visit our Psychometric Test Reports page to validate the scores we can obtain for you by clicking here. Note: the system does not upload the reviews on a daily basis and new reviews will be uploaded shortly.


by Nathan on Pass Psychometric
Numerical reasoning test

Under a tight deadline, I was quested with a numerical reasoning test to take over the weekend. PassPsychometric helped me pass it on the same weekend, which is something I did not expect due to the urgency and experts working on weekends. They are very approachable and flexible. I will refer them to many for sure.

Hello Nathan,

PassPsychometric respects the fact that the tests may need to be taken during weekends. Thus, we are always happy to accommodate for such requests also. It is pleasing to hear you find us approachable - we try our best!

Any referrals are always welcomed and do ensure to inform your recommendations to provide your name when referring (we can apply a 'refer a friend promotion').

PassPsychometric Team

by Katarzyna on Pass Psychometric
Very useful in more ways than one

Initially I was not sure whether to go ahead but after seeing the reviews and their reports and being given the chance to take the tests live with their experts, I would not doubt them ever again. PP are simply awesome and not only do they help me pass the tests using a software like TeamViewer and their secure softwares, but they even helped me on my interview and assessment centre

Dear Katarzyna,

Thank you for honest response. We are glad that you trusted us with our services and that we have met your expectations.

PassPsychometric Team

by Abhinay on Pass Psychometric
UBS Psychometric tests

I was dreading the psychometric tests for UBS as they used Talent Q. They are extremely hard and they were the reason I did not secure the internship last year. This year, so thankfully I was referred PassPsychometric who took not only my tests using their screenshare facility from my computer, but they helped me ACE my UBS video interview. Got the assessment centre coming up! Thanks so much!

Dear Abhinay,

We are ecstatic that you have progressed onto the final stage of the process. We will also be in touch shortly to provide you with some complementary assessment centre advise based on our experience with UBS. Speak soon!

PassPsychometric Team

by Just a customer on Pass Psychometric
Talent Q Help

Talent Q are by far IMPOSSIBLE tests to complete in the time. If you try completing them, you will see there are literally over 20 options to choose from. There is a huge probability to fail these tests and I got the Experts to take my numerical, verbal and logic assessments. It was superb help as I passed all 3 tests with excellent marks. I wanted a score specifically of 100% due to the competitive investment banking nature, and that is what they obtained - cannot fault PassPsychometric!

Hi Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your detailed feedback - indeed, Talent Q tests are typically very hard, but no test can stumble our Experts!

PassPsychometric Team

by Yatendra Cheng on Pass Psychometric
Exceptional Team Viewer Support

I took the LIVE screen-share package as they call it, and I got to observe the answers live as the test was taken. It was like I was sitting next to their experts. I found the process seamless and it was superb as I have been invited to the next stage.

Dear Yatendra,

TeamViewer support is a great method for our client's witnessing the expertise of our team first-hand. Your feedback to justify this is much appreciated - if we can be of any extra support, we are only an email away!

PassPsychometric Team

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