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We are so confident in Our Services, that we offer a full refund immediately if you do not meet the benchmark!

We are so confident in Our Services, that we offer a full refund immediately if you do not meet the benchmark!


Please find below, reviews provided by our previous clients commenting on our services. You are also welcome to visit our Psychometric Test Reports page to validate the scores we can obtain for you by clicking here. Note: the system does not upload the reviews on a daily basis and new reviews will be uploaded shortly.


by Lawrence Yates on Pass Psychometric
New Employer

I am in the process of changing my employer and was required to sit a set of online shl reasoning tests. I found PassPsychometric who have done a superb job and I have been called for a final interview.

by Rhea Ghadiri on Pass Psychometric
SHL Numerical Reasoning Test

After being requested to sit a SHL Numerical Reasoning Test upon 15 years of industry experience, I was somewhat perplexed. However, PassPsychometric did a 5/5 star job to help me pass.

by Lauren Willett on Pass Psychometric
My tests were taken from my PC!

When I read that passpsychometric could take the tests from my PC, I was amazed. I was expecting them to just pass the tests for me and they will let me know. But I requested them to take the tests from my computer and it was amazing! I could communicate directly with them whilst they were sitting my test and it was much better than I expected. Definitely would encourage using this screen share service - especially if its the first time you are using their services so you can see how clever their team is!

Hello Lauren,

It is wonderful to hear that you were very satisfied with our elite Screen-share service - there are several benefits of this facility and we will pass on your compliments to the Experts!

Our softwares which provide the opportunity to pass your psychometric tests live on your screen with complete security, is one of our most popular and premium services. PassPsychometric appreciate clients may want to see our Experts take the tests live with you to facilitate in later stages, thus it is satisfying to hear we are truly making a difference for our clients.

If you do need any other help, feel free send us an email or we can arrange a call also if this is more suitable.

PassPsychometric Team

by Sanjna on Pass Psychometric
Failing is not an option!

PassPsychometric was excellent help with passing my shl numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning tests. I did lots of practice but the real Logical test was more difficult than I initially thought - which meant I could not apply for the first company for a whole recruitment year. I am never going to make that mistake again!

Thank you for the detailed review Sanjna. We are glad you have come across our services as you can now not be worried that you will need to wait an entire recruitment year to apply to your employer, by failing the online psychometric tests. We offer a guaranteed pass as you may be aware!

by Katarzyna on Pass Psychometric
Very useful in more ways than one

Initially I was not sure whether to go ahead but after seeing the reviews and their reports and being given the chance to take the tests live with their experts, I would not doubt them ever again. PP are simply awesome and not only do they help me pass the tests using a software like TeamViewer and their secure softwares, but they even helped me on my interview and assessment centre

Dear Katarzyna,

Thank you for honest response. We are glad that you trusted us with our services and that we have met your expectations.

PassPsychometric Team

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