Logical Reasoning Tests


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Logical Reasoning Tests – an overview

A logical reasoning test is based on identifying the next diagram from a series of figures given. There will be an underlying rule affecting the layout of the diagram – candidate’s are required to identify the pattern subsequently, the next image. Inductive/Logical reasoning tests go hand-in-hand with other aptitude tests, such as Numerical Reasoning Tests and Verbal Reasoning Tests – our experts can help you pass on any online test; whatever the deadline!

Logical Reasoning Tests – how PassPsychometric can help you pass

PassPsychometric team of Experts can take the logical reasoning test for you – with a guaranteed pass and a score up to 100%
Provide real logical reasoning test questions that previous candidates have been assessed on
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Logical Reasoning Tests – what is involved

Multiple-choice questions with four to six options – only one correct answer
Timed on entire logical reasoning test or each question – depending on test provider
Free use of pen and paper
Free use of pen and paper

Logical Reasoning Tests – abilities being assessed

Logically identifying any patterns based on the series
Rationally solving problems constructed on observed patterns
Rationally solving problems constructed on observed patterns
Speed and accuracy (although the weighting varies depending on the test provider)

Logical Reasoning Tests – key test providers PassPsychometric can pass for you

SHL (CEB) logical & inductive reasoning tests
Kenexa (IBM Corporation) logical & inductive reasoning tests
Talent Q logical & inductive reasoning tests
Saville logical & inductive reasoning tests
Cubiks logical & inductive reasoning tests
Cut-e Partnership logical & inductive reasoning tests
Test Partnership logical & inductive reasoning tests
Revelian logical & inductive reasoning tests
CAPP Immersive logical & inductive reasoning tests
And More!


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