Logical Reasoning Tests

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Logical Reasoning Tests – an overview

A logical reasoning test is based on identifying the next diagram from a series of figures given. There will be an underlying rule affecting the layout of the diagram – candidate’s are required to identify the pattern subsequently, the next image. Inductive/Logical reasoning tests go hand-in-hand with other aptitude tests, such as Numerical Reasoning Tests and Verbal Reasoning Tests – our experts can help you pass on any online test; whatever the deadline!

Logical Reasoning Tests – how we can help you pass

  • We can take the logical reasoning test for you – with a guaranteed pass and a score up to 100%
  • Provide real logical reasoning test questions that previous candidates have been assessed on
  • Receive step-by-step walk through’s for several logical reasoning examples – to ensure you can deal effectively in the given time constraints

Logical Reasoning Tests –  what is involved

Logical Reasoning Test Tests

  • Multiple-choice questions with four to six options – only one correct answer
  • Timed on entire logical reasoning test or each question – depending on test provider
  • Free use of pen and paper
  • Both online and paper based tests are available on the site

Logical Reasoning Tests – abilities being assessed

  • Logically identifying any patterns based on the series
  • Rationally solving problems constructed on observed patterns
  • Cognitive ability to form a decision
  • Speed and accuracy (although the weighting varies depending on the test provider)

Logical Reasoning Tests – key test providers we can pass for you

  • SHL (CEB) logical & inductive reasoning tests
  • Kenexa (IBM Corporation) logical & inductive reasoning tests
  • Talent Q logical & inductive reasoning tests
  • Saville logical & inductive reasoning tests
  • Cubiks logical & inductive reasoning tests
  • Cut-e Partnership logical & inductive reasoning tests
  • Test Partnership logical & inductive reasoning tests
  • Revelian logical & inductive reasoning tests
  • And more!


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